About Us

Meet the Team at QuickImages

Cathy Fox

Owner of the company and a daily participant in all its activities, Ms. Fox continues to make sure that the company stays true to its original vision: utilize advanced computer technology to provide customers with a quality product at a competitive price. Her specialty is in sourcing unusual items for customers and offering alternatives to make projects more affordable and readily available.

Sashana Ranger

Another seasoned customer service professional, Ms. Ranger offers corporate clients one point of contact regardless of their needs. She ably assists businesses large and small with a variety of projects, focusing on business forms, stationery, rubber stamps, and seals. She also coordinates the QuickImages’ business check printing operations.

Mario Ramoon

With more than 15 years of experience in the pressroom, Mr. Ramoon brings a steady hand and a great attitude to making sure QuickImages’ print projects are done right, and on time.

Caroline Roberts

Assisting in both customer service areas of QuickImages and Canon gives Ms. Roberts a unique perspective. She enjoys working with customers and seeing their projects come to life.

Sarra Membreno

Ms. Membreno brings many years of customer service experience to assist company clients with jobs that would be impossible for others to complete. Her can-do attitude and ability to steer a job to its delivery make her an All-Star.

Amos Stone

An all-rounder, Mr. Stone started with the company in 1995 as the delivery man. He has worked in the pressroom as well as the sign department, and is responsible for the large quantity of rubber stamps the company produces.

Luis Rivers

On the road for much of the day, Mr. Rivers sees to it that customers’ finished jobs are delivered to them quickly and with a minimum of fuss.